Power Red Ties Collection

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Do you like to take charge, blaze trails, and lead from the front? Nothing says “power look” like a dark suit, white shirt and RED tie. This collection will be a curated selection of our brightest POWER RED ties that you have come to know and love. There will be a mix of Paisley, Stripe, or Neat patterns shipped to you to give you different looks for different situations. These will go with a selection of blue, navy, black or grey suits.

This collection includes 5 ties hand-picked just for you.

You may receive a product that seems a bit out of your comfort zone or style, but we feel life is about growth and we have been helping people grow in their personal style and brand for over 25 years. Big changes start with small steps, here’s your first one.

All sales final. No refunds will be granted for any collections products purchased.