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6 Essential Steps to Wedding Planning: When to Book Your Groom’s Look

Most brides have been dreaming about their wedding day since they were little girls. They envision the details of the church, quaint barn or elegant “castle” where they will marry their Prince Charming. They already have thoughtfully chosen their colorful flowers and decor. Last, but not least they have planned for years what dress they would say yes to, but one thing we run into is they very rarely think of what the groom and his groomsmen will wear on their big day.

The reality is. . . in the busy season of planning a wedding, the groom’s attire is one of the pieces that often gets overlooked. Couples tend to go to the nearest big box store, only to be pushed into expensive rentals that don’t fit well and have to be returned like Cinderella after midnight at the ball. We offer an alternative and are here to help. These six essential steps to wedding planning should guide you from venue, to when to book your groom’s look.


This is first and foremost as there are limited spots and weekend dates available. This sets the mood/feel for the entire wedding. This decision will affect most all other decisions from linens, flowers, etc. to whether you choose suits or tuxedos. You don’t want to look like James Bond in a white shawl collar dinner jacket in a rustic country barn setting, it just doesn’t fit.

Tip: If your dream venue is booked maybe choose a Friday or Sunday to get the weekend you want and most of the time it will come at a discounted rate.


This is second on the list, as your photographers/videographers are capturing this amazing dream wedding down to the details. As you search for who to contact, know that the true professionals are typically booked months in advance, hence why it should be held in such high importance. Their expertise is greatly desired, so don’t wait. Browse social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) or The Knot for these professionals… consider aesthetic and style, and do this early. The images of these beautiful moments will go with you forever.

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Tip: Once you’ve booked your venue, request a list of preferred photographers and videographers that have shot that space previously. Booking someone who has experience with your venue can ensure an effective use of the property and an efficient use of time on your big day.


Picking your dress is essential, as you are the main event. From ordering the dress, to alterations, to being ready to walk down the aisle this process could take up to 6 months.

Tip: Alterations at the bridal store can be quite expensive and some bridal stores have built in mark up as a way to make extra money. Look around at independent tailors that could do the same work for half the price.


This is next on your list as your #girlsquad needs to look their best, as they are supporting you on your biggest day. This process is also rather lengthy and could take awhile.

Tip: Ask for multiple swatches of the fabric as you will need this when you are picking out linens, flowers and groomsmen attire. Pictures just don’t do it justice… get the real thing.


This next step is more dependent on the bride and groom, as some are more minimalistic while others like glitz and glam. Alas, the bride’s bouquet and other touches of linens, etc. really help complete the look and feel.

Tip: If you’re looking to save money, choose a venue that compliments your wedding’s style. By doing so, you’ll need less decor and extras in order to achieve your vision.


Saving the best for last… the groom and his guys. We like to save them for last because menswear for your wedding should be a timeless piece that doesn’t change with every fad that comes along. We look to find what menswear coordinates with the rest of the wedding details that are more dependent on the latest wedding trends. A well-fitted suit or tux never goes out of style. We look to make sure your groom and his groomsmen look like they not only belong beside you and your ladies, but stand out in a classy way that adds to the elegance and ambiance of the day. For more inspiration and ideas, check out our weddings page or visit us on The Knot!

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Tip: Think of a way to help your groom stand out from his groomsmen. Maybe a vest or different color tie. There are plenty of options, but discussing it before hand can make it easier when picking out your guy’s attire.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list of everything that goes into planning a wedding, but the things mentioned here are key items we go over in your private wedding consultation. We do this to ensure your vision for your big day happens the way you’ve always dreamed. Email us or give us a call at 919-981-6222 to book your private wedding consultation today!