Suit Package Options

All suits packages are available in a wide range of sizes, fabrics and patterns/colors to
fit you and your staff.

We feel starting a suit program achieves 3 things:

Brands the most important part of your business (Your People)

Provides an easy way for families and guests to identify staff

Creates employee loyalty and sense of team

Bronze Package:

$175.00 – $225.00

Choose from a range of Lightweight Poly Suits

Wrinkle Resistant

Silver Package (Most Popular):


Suit Separates

Poly-Wool Stretch Fabric

Stretch Lining in armholes

Offered in bigger sizes up to 64 Reg / 64 Long
(Portly sizes available)

Gold Package:

$289.00 – $335.00

100% Super 140’s Wool or Wool Stretch

Good selection of fancy basics

Stretch lining in armholes

Suit Separates

Large Sizes available

Platinum Package:

$495.00 – $525.00

Choose from Super 120’s Nano Wool
(impermeable to liquid)

100% Super 150’s Wool

Good selection of fancy basics

Available Suit Separates

Please contact us to see the entire line in person. We come to you to make it convenient. We believe clothing needs to be experienced in person.