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Love What You Wear! Spring Style Guide.

Enjoyment. This a word that means a lot to us at ECE. When we’re fitting people in dress wear we are always taking into account how they feel about what they’re wearing. There are rules and styles to dress wear, and they are complicated for the uneducated. However, one of our biggest beliefs is that you find something you love when you’re shopping. Whether that be a suit, a pair of shoes, or a tremendous leather bomber jacket (which we sell) our goal is not only to dress you well but to have you love what you’re wearing!

This is why February has been the “Love What You Wear” theme on social media! If you’ve been led to this blog by any of those posts, welcome! Make sure you take a moment to check out our other blogs either before or after reading this one! How do we know what people love to wear? Check out our blogs about buying shows to get an understanding of our insiders’ perspective HERE. Now we’re going to break down the top three things we’ve seen this spring that people are loving to wear.

Our top three “Love What You Wear” items are patterns, prints, and colors. Not what you were expecting? We’ll go into detail.

Number One:

Patterned sports shirts with bolder colors.

The dress shirt is a staple of dress wear and has seen just about every iteration possible. This spring we’re noticing a meshing of two common themes. Bold colors and new patterns have jumped up and taken over. Especially when it comes to the sports shirt, a shirt that can be dressed up, while also can be worn casually under a blazer. We saw these sports shirts at the buying with awesome patterns meshed with bolder colors.

These styles are great for men who want a more casual look while still having the option to dress it up. These shirts are great for achieving different looks as opposed to the white and blue button-down every day. Feel free to reach out to us to get an idea of how to merge these shirts into your wardrobe fluidly and to prevent yourself from breaking the 2-1 pattern rule.

Number Two:

Business professional floral print ties.

Floral print ties are not new to the game. They’ve been around as a style for a while, but we’re seeing them implemented in a different way this spring! In the past, a floral tie has been almost a novelty item. You might wear it to a summer wedding, but it would never pass in a business meeting. This spring the floral tie has met the business world by incorporating patterns and designs that blend the floral tie and professionalism. No longer is the floral tie one dimensional. With added colors and designs it can be dressed up for a day out with business partners or can be made casual for a summer wedding or date night out!

Don’t feel as though you could rock a floral print tie? Imagine wearing the pink tie (farthest left pictured below) with a white dress shirt and navy slacks, or even a true blue suit. That is a sharp look and will get attention and compliments because it stands out from the crowd. All of our options this February stand out in some way, with prints, patterns or bolder colors. The theme of menswear this spring is to stand out and feel confident in what you’re wearing.

A business professional floral print is on the scene this spring. Pick one up today and impress everyone with your seasonal style sense!

Number Three:

Bolder sport coats patterns. Plus: burgundy!

Following the trend of casual gone rogue, we have bolder patterned sport coats. Taking a stand from the classic navy that every man owns we have sport coats with striking patterns. And these aren’t just for a weekend golf trip. These are being worn casually, but also being dressed up depending on the pattern! We noticed these coats at our buying shows, and within our catalogs and we’re huge fans. We’ve stocked patterned sport coats for a long time and have taught our customers how to wear them boldly. Call us this spring and come try a few on if you’re feeling apprehensive.

The most important aspect this February is that you “Love What You Wear”. We sincerely believe that. Come into our shop and talk to us and I guarantee we’ll find you an item you LOVE and you might never even have considered wearing before. We at ECE want you feeling confident and happy in whatever you’re wearing this spring!

And just like the hot blue craze of 2017, there’s a new color on the horizon. Burgundy is taking the spotlight this spring. A burgundy sport coat over a white button-up and paired with grey, navy or khaki dress pants is your new go-to for the fraternity formal. And if you’re out of college the burgundy sport coat can mature with you. Laying it over a black pair of pants will create a formal sport coat look, or laying it with a pair of khakis and one of our floral print ties would be awesome at a wedding party this spring!


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