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Freshen Up Your Wardrobe with Our New Accessories Collections

ECE Menswear is excited to announce our new Collections page featuring the finest in men’s ties and socks. From the bold and bright to the classic consumer in mind, we hand pick the best the season has to offer. Here’s the best part. . .  we understand the importance of individuality and that is why we buy mostly 2 of a kind per color and design. We created these Collections to appeal to your different tastes and needs.

Our Ties Collections consist of five hand selected ties and our Tie & Sock Collections are made up of three ties and two coordinating socks. All of which are uniquely chosen to fit within the category you choose. So without further ado, let us introduce you to the collections we have to offer.

Bold & Brights Collections

Why blend in when you can stand out! As guys we have to keep our suits relatively dark or conservative in nature, let your tie do the talking. With our BOLD & BRIGHTS Collection we will carefully select the boldest patterns and brightest colors to make sure you get noticed.

Classic Collections

It’s called CLASSIC for a reason, it never goes out of style. With this collection, we will hand pick the best of our smaller neat patterns, traditional clean stripes or classy solids in a variety of colors to go with most any blue, navy, black or grey suit.

Paisley Love Collections

We feel this collection makes a BIG statement. It goes great with patterned suits or shirts and matches suits of all colors. Fall in love with our new PAISLEY collection that will be selected with a variety of colors in mind so you will be able to wear them with anything and everything. Can you feel the LOVE?

Power Red Collections

Do you like to take charge, blaze trails, and lead from the front? Nothing says “power look” like a dark suit, white shirt and RED tie. This collection will be a curated selection of our brightest POWER RED ties that you have come to know and love. There will be a mix of Paisley, Stripe, or Neat patterns shipped to you to give you different looks for different situations. These will go with a selection of blue, navy, black or grey suits.

Sharp Dresser Collections

Everybody goes crazy for a sharp dressed man! Let us put our 30 years of experience to work as we choose a variety of ties for any situation making sure your tie wardrobe is well balanced. The SHARP DRESSER Collection will be a mixture of our stand out Paisleys, to our classic stripes and solids making sure you have a great range of color to match any suit.

All of the ties and socks pictured on our website are just examples of what might come in your product assortment.

We select accessories from our inventory that fit within the category you choose.  You may receive a product that seems a bit out of your comfort zone or style, but we feel life is about growth and we have been helping people grow in their personal style and brand for over 30 years.

Big changes start with small steps, here’s your first one.


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