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New Year, New You! Your Wardrobe For 2018

Hello, everyone! We at The Executive’s Cutting Edge hope you have had a great start to the new year. We can’t be the only ones who set resolutions for change in 2018! We’ve all made resolutions to work out more and eat fewer sweets. And those are important things! Maybe you’ve also resolved to throw out that oversized suit from 1992 and start reshaping your wardrobe? If so, welcome! We can help you complete that resolution.

If you keep up with our Instagram then you’ve seen the recent posts about efficient ways to update your wardrobe. In this blog, I want to take a chance and dive into more depth about those topics! Dressing well is easier than GQ would have you believe. And despite what the bourgeoisie might tell you about style and fashion, we believe you can look your absolute best without spending thousands of dollars each season!

So here are our quick three rules for getting the most out of your wardrobe in 2018!

Number One: 

Tailored fit is everything.

We have discussed this subject before, but if this is your first time hearing the phrase “tailored fit” make your way over to our other blogs HERE and get educated! We live by the philosophy that fit is king. So as the year goes on and trends change we believe that well-fitted menswear will always be in style.

Shirts are a great starting point. Have you ever owned a shirt that bulges out on the sides, that no matter what you do doesn’t want to lay flat on your body? How about a shirt that gives you wings instead of sleeves? Have you bought shirts that cut inches off the length of the shirttail and the sleeve length? While loose is not good, we also want you to know that tight does not necessarily mean right. There is a difference between a slim fit and a tailored fit. A tailored fit brings in the sides and sleeves, so you are not dealing with junky excess where you do not need it, but leaves the sleeves and tail the right length. It is the perfect balance between far too large, and far too slim.

Also, this great fit does not end at shirts! Suits can come with a tailored fit too! Often they are referred to as a modern fit. Not every manufacturer makes their suits the same way. That is why it is crucial to see us first, try on several suits and find the one that feels tailored just for you! A tailored fit suit is appropriate in every setting and creates a silhouette that is much more attractive than a bulky bunched up mess, or a too tight suit. While the silhouette of the slim fit might seem more appealing, you will be wearing out that suit quicker, and ultimately will be far less comfortable trying to function.

Number Two:

The easiest way for a quick update? Ties.

Ties are a staple of the menswear world and for a good reason. They can bring an outfit together, and be that one piece that sets you apart. They are also great at completely changing your outfit day in and day out. Do you only own one suit and feel like you’re not diversifying your look? A few new ties can completely expand your outfit options. If you often go for a plain one-color tie. Opt for paisley or striped and watch as your suit sparks off in a way it never has!

Want to know the cheapest way to effectively change your style? Ties, again! Our special order ties start at $20/ea and we have hundreds of designs to choose from. You can completely alter your wardrobe with something as simple as a tie. And when the compliments come rolling in you’ll begin to see why a simple thing like a tie can make all the difference.

Number Three:

Tan shoes are the modern man’s black shoe.

We’ve posted before about tan shoes and their place in the menswear game. Read that blog HERE for even more proof that the tan shoe is taking over. Need a staple shoe to go with all of your suits? Tan is the right pick. Tan is awesome with a true blue suit and takes a charcoal suit to a whole new level. 

Plus tan doesn’t just mean a lace-up dress shoe. As we’ve said before the lace-up is the professional standard, but more and more guys are wearing monk straps like the ones pictured above. 


Those are our three top things you can do this year to revamp your wardrobe. First and foremost being the tailored fit. Get your shirts and suits fitting true to you and stop battling oversized or undersized clothing. The next step is popping some new ties on to stand out and diversify the looks you’ve already shown the world. And lastly is to get yourself a new pair of tan dress shoes. Find something that fits your style, but keep it professional!

Follow these tips and you’ll be looking sharp for 2018. Keep up with our Instagram @ecemenswear and like us on Facebook! We’ll have more tips and guides coming at you all through the year! Questions? Give us a call 919-201-0496.

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