Trends: The Craft Suit Guys – Part One

In order to understand the Executive’s Cutting Edge business, you have to first understand the reason for its existence. Tom Dixon, and Tom Dixon SR. have a passion for menswear in the same vein as the cutting edge creative minds who invented it. Between them they hold a combined 50 years experience in suiting and menswear. They know the ins and outs of every aspect of suits, dress shoes, shirts, ties, you name it. They’ve cultivated a company that thrives in the personal touch, and attention to detail that professional suiting requires. Now that you understand that these guys are serious and know their stuff, let me introduce the moniker. They are the “Craft Suit Guys”.

A more keen name has never been stated than “Craft Suit Guys” for what Tom and Tom SR. do. ECE is built around the concept of teaching suiting to men who have never experienced the thing. As much as we do to sell suits, we do just as much to explain them. From which mills in Italy our fabrics come from, to how a partnered distributor builds their suit, we are invested in teaching the aspects of menswear in a realm not often heard. Tom will be the first one to speak up and explain why buttoning both buttons of a 2-button suit jacket is wrong, or why you should have your suit sleeves tailored. It is because of Tom’s love of menswear, and his love specifically of suiting that he feels so driven to teach about it everywhere he goes.

Now, why “Craft Suit Guys”? Have you ever had a beer? Okay, have you ever had a beer at a craft brewery? It is an experience all of its own if you seek it out. Often times the person, or people that are in charge of brewing the beer you’re drinking are also the people standing behind the bar. Always quick to share why you taste hints of fruit in their newest session IPA, or even explaining what in the world a session IPA is. The term “craft” implies love for the product. Craft brewers love beer, they love every aspect, every difference, and every iteration. Craft brewing is also all about the small batch, comprising the quality over the brand. ECE holds the same values, we carry some larger brand names, but we put our efforts and attentions into the brands that we deem to be the best quality, fabric, and fit.

Craft brewers know beyond just which beer will fit your taste. They know which foods might pair well with their beers, or what might fit the mood you’re in. We at ECE listen to our customers, their interests, their color palette, and their sizing preference to see how to pair the right suit manufacturer to the right person. Then comes one of our favorite parts – putting it all together. Teaching how to match up your suit, tie, shirt, etc. and the excitement that comes along with it is one of the best parts of our job.

Tom and Tom SR. love suiting, they love when a fresh college grad tries on his first suit, or when a freshly hired older professional is able to suit up again. Through every walk of life, when a suit is required, ECE not only wants your business, we want your friendship. We want to walk you through ownership of what we think is the most beautiful item you’ll ever own in your closet, and we want you to feel the same way.


This is the first part of a series. Keep up to date with our blog to see how we continue to build our “Craft Suit Guys” concept. For anything menswear, give us a call, or send us an email!

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