Tips from the Tailor


Tips from the Tailor: ZOOM Edition

Sweatpants might have been a novel thing via a Zoom meeting with the office or clients 6 months ago, but with business having to forge ahead we want to make sure you are ready to get ahead with a few style tips for your online meetings.

1.) Beware of the Patterns

A nice button up and pair of dark wash jeans goes a long way. This day and age its like wearing a suit. But keep those patterns and plaids to a minimum as on screen it becomes a bit distracting. Choose a solid color shirt or one with a faint texture like herringbone or oxford. It’s more professional.

2.) Dress from Head to Toe

As we mentioned before, loungewear as zoom office attire was novel back in 2020, but with a renewed focus in 2021 and light at the end of the tunnel business must go on. You don’t have to suit up fully, but put on pants. You never know when some emergency may happen and cause you to stand up suddenly and you introduce yourself on a whole new level to your clients or coworkers.  Again, dark wash denim or classic chinos are a better choice. For men’s apparel thankfully these have become increasingly more comfortable with plenty of stretch fabrics. So you can feel like you are in sweatpants, but look like you are at the office

3.) If you Suit Up, Keep it Simple

Some of you may still need to be suited as you are selling machines worth millions of dollars or presenting a serious business opportunity.  If that is the case, try a sport coat or suit with minimal pattern and pair with a clean crisp white shirt as a blank canvas. If you are doing a tie keep it to a small neat pattern or if you are doing a pattern, a bold paisley tie is a great option. If you do a print/pattern tie it must be large enough for the computer camera to focus on it.  It is hard enough for professional cameras to pick up on clothing patterns, much less your basic computer camera.

We have more opinions on “virtual” style, but one step at a time. Master these first, then we will step up to the masterclass.


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