Trends: The New “Old School” Fashion At The Magic Buying Show

Let’s talk about Magic, and I don’t mean Blaine or Copperfield. I am referring to the massive fashion buying show that visits Vegas every year. We mentioned in our previous blog what a buying show is, and the in and outs of our visits to them. So head on over HERE and check it out!

We went on down to Nevada recently to uncover the latest fashions and got a glimpse of how clothing is “shaking loose” so to speak. From the first moments at the Magic show, it was apparent that style is once again changing. Style does not repeat, as much as it mimics, and menswear is beginning to trend towards a close relative of last centuries’ style. Here are five observations we made while strolling the stands at the Magic show.

Constructed vs. unconstructed.

Constructed coats have been a staple of the last ten years. Suits are becoming more and more “professional” with little room for mobility in a fashionable closet. During the Magic show, and by keeping tabs on the trends of 2017, we have noticed a shift toward a “softer” coat. The coat of tomorrow will be more unconstructed, allowing men to wear it casually, but also allows the owner to dress it up with a tie and a nice pair of slacks. This sort of trend will allow the younger generations to get accustomed to jackets in a more casual setting. Which in turn will create less of a fear of “dressing up” allowing comfort when wearing and buying suits, and who can blame them, everyone looks good in a suit.

Comfort over content.

You may be of the mind that wool is king, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but today’s style is trending toward more stretch and more diversified range of fabrics. With the addition of lycra in some fabrics, offering more range of motion and a less demanding need to have your suit pants waist let out, comfort is solidifying its place as the king of fashion. These small additions certify that as a fact. Also gone are the days of a suit for every season. With the tremendous advances textiles have made and their diversity and elasticity, we saw more year round fabrics. It may be harder than expected to find your dedicated wool suit for fall and winter these days, with the industry opting more toward a suit compatible with all seasons, allowing for more of a climate neutral line of menswear.

Make it fit, and make it fit well.

Tailored fit is taking over. For years the idea of a slim suit has been peddled by retailers all over the world. Opting for less mobility, less comfort, and less of a clean look for the added benefit of looking fitted. While a select few of us don slim suits every now and again, the trend toward a more tailored, less tight fitting suit should be a rejoice for everyone. The goal of a suit is to accentuate the person in it and put forth their very best look. While a slim suit may work for a smaller man’s proportions, there isn’t a lot of wiggle room, and can often leave the suit looking bunched up and too small for the man inside. Herein lies why tailored is taking over, allowing for the natural fit, and a certain level of tightness, without overdoing it as “slim” can sometimes do. Along these same roads, we have noticed lapels are slowly widening back out, along with the bottom of suit pants. As the lapel gradually widens, variety will swing back in, giving way to a peak lapel instead of a notch. This change may pave the way to a tailored double-breasted in a few years, (fingers crossed?).

Classic shoe styles.

Shoes are trending back to the classics. All the styles of yesteryear are coming back, so pull out your wing tips. The European styled shoe (box front with less brogueing and detail) is swinging out. Along with that, as mentioned above, comfort is once again king. Gel inserts, rubber soles, even sneaker bottoms on dress shoes are pushing the edge and cementing the idea that men today want to be comfortable when dressed to the nines. Black shoes are trending out of their long revered spot, and tan shoes are replacing them. Every man should now own a pair of a sleek tan dress shoes, as they are a diversity staple when imagining outfits.

Ties ties ties.

We love ties. We really love ties. So when we noticed more and more color, bold and striking, coming out in the lines we saw at Magic: we were overjoyed. The menswear magazine MR ran an article recently detailing how ties were beginning to have more complex color in them. We confirm that as the tie widens back out from the skinny tie trend of the 2000’s, they will begin to include more diversified color patterns. Tie manufacturers are beginning to notice there are only so many ways to shave a cat and are opting for newer designs and colorways, instead of the same paisley, or dotted or solid ties we’ve seen for years.

BONUS: Vests! They’re back! We’re not talking a recurrence of the 2000’s Jonas Brother’s vest/jeans combo. We’re talking three-piece suits, or a versatile vest to be used as a layering piece when dressing up. We saw a vest in nearly every line at Magic, so it’s safe to toss your chips into the vest lotto for the 2017-2018 seasons.


            Hopefully, this information from the Magic show in Vegas gives you insight into the coming season’s fashion. We had a ton of fun and were plenty exhausted after returning. As you all enjoy this warm weather, we’re getting to work stacking our shelves with color popped ties, tailored suits and comfortable shoes for all of our customers and friends! How can we help you with your style today? Give us a call at 919-981-6222.

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